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Sep 28, 2020

HE USE TO BE "PARTY ADAM." Adam Maher had been to the hospital three times for alcohol-related incidents. And then he encountered Jesus Christ. Blended with worship led by Seph Schlueter (Damascus Worship). This powerful evening also involved a number of miraculous healings. You need to hear this story and share it. 

Sep 24, 2020

REVIVALCASSANDRA HAD NO IDEA WHAT WOULD HAPPEN when she went to Swan Creek Metropark that night. Bearing a heavy heart, she just wanted to get away. God saw something more. A beloved daughter in need of knowing His loving, healing presence. 

Listen to the moving, real-life story of what took place last night. It's in...

Sep 21, 2020

With guest, Drew Blazsik, join our very sobering conversation about Heaven's urgent messages to us today. Out of great love, God is warning us. Eternal life is at stake. We will soon be confronted with the horror of our sin, seeing our souls the way God sees them. What keeps us out of heaven. That...

Sep 14, 2020

THE FIRST OF THREE FRIDAY REVIVAL NIGHTS! The Holy Spirit moved among us powerfully at Swan Creek. So many hearts touched. Blended with beautiful worship led by Stacy Herzog, and exhortation on the importance of this moment in history by Greg & Stephanie Schlueter-- in this episode hear David Cuppett's humorous...

Sep 7, 2020

STEPHANIE SHARES THE VERY MOVING STORY of her beloved sister-in-law's grand mal seizure. A young wife and mother of three, Melanie had stopped breathing. Were it not for her spouse, she would not have been resuscitated. The image is all there. The state of our world today. Are we not in desperate need of being...