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Jul 29, 2020

One Heart One City 3 NIGHT REVIVAL [Part 2]
FEATURING David Cuppett with Paul & Christy Austin, Greg Schlueter, Jon & Jessica Kynard 


It doesn’t take any special revelation to recognize that our world is literally being torn asunder. The institutions we use to regard as monolithic seem to now be hanging by a thread. But let us pronounce: If we are anchored in Jesus Christ when all is well, it will not matter if and when all is not. Right now is a critical moment in human history. God wants to foster radical reliance upon Him. He wants us to foster interdependence with one another. A holy community. Accordingly, as you’ve witnessed innumerable people taking to the streets in violence, one question remains: Is what moves them… greater than what we profess moves us? If we profess to be disciples of Jesus Christ, we can no longer remain behind our comfortable walls, limiting the of His Holy Spirit to our comfort zones. Jesus is summoning us to surrender. Everything. People are now hungrier than ever for His Kingdom to come and His will be done. God is doing His part. The bright light shines on you and me. Please don’t dismiss this. We ask you to please take a moment and check out the website, We are missioned friends throughout this region, across denominations, who have encountered the love of God in Jesus Christ, and can’t help but want to see His healing, transforming, saving love overflow into this world.

What you’re going to hear in the next hour are some powerful testimonials from a recent, 3 night event that took place at Swan Creek Park in Toledo, Ohio. We hope it is the first of many in an effort to be instruments of Holy revival in this region. Before getting to the program, a word of deep gratitude for some godly businesses who have partnered with us. Please support them. These include Imago Dei Productions, Interstate Commercial Glass & Door, Perrysburg Auto Mall, Ressourcement  Financial, & Turning Point Chiropractic.